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I am re-imagining my blog again and posting my thoughts and only the things I might be the only person interested in those passions. The new site is woodruff.dev, which reflects a better place for me than just my name. I hope to post at least once a week on the blog site and keep a journal on my side projects.

Who is Woody?

  • Woody makes APIs. His most exciting projects are tools that connect the front to the back and share data and information.
  • Woody loves to write and speak. A mentor at heart who loves sharing tips and tricks with anyone who will listen. He hopes that the passion he shares will enhance the careers and lives of those who hear and read his words.
  • Woody makes friends. His love for the community is what he hopes sets him apart from the everyday developer. He always loves walking the halls at conferences meeting new friends and laughing with old ones also.

Q & A

Should SQL be a language that more people master?

Yes. A language that describes data should be everyone's second language, and it's supported by many business tools and is easier to learn.

Why should everyone learn public speaking?

Besides knowing how to code, it is equally essential to communicate your thoughts and passions to others. I am not saying everyone needs to speak at conferences, but everyone should learn to speak in front of a group, even if it is work. It will propel your career and life in ways you never imagined.

What's your favorite language?

C#. It is not the sexiest language, but I love it! It is a language that has grown and been enhanced by great friends (Mads Torgersen @MadsTorgersen and Dustin Campbell @dcampbell) for the community. I appreciate their curation and patience with the language.

What projects have you worked on?

See Projects.

What workshops do you deliver for clients?

See Workshops.

What about my question?

Do you have a question for Woody? Ask in the comments, and he'll post an answer here or as a separate post.