Finally the ASP.NET 5 Web API Blog Series!!

Last year messed me up! I was planning to have this series back at the end of 2020. Yesterday morning I woke up with some internal drive to correct that. I won’t bore you as to my bigger dream to improve my entire life, but this little blog series and other writing will be part of this push in 2021! Sorry and on to the blog series…

I hope to get this series done within a couple of months. That is if family, work, and starting an MBA program will give me the time. I have enjoyed the last six years doing many talks and writing about ASP.NET Web API. I want to dig very deep into the areas below to get you, the reader, some in-depth knowledge and share some gotcha’s I have collected through my time working with Web APIs.

Please share with me your feedback and also any bugs I have introduced. I am only human and only as good as our community! Thanks, and on to the list of blog articles planned.

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