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New Year and the Art of the Restart

“Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” – LL Cool J

Fuck!! I am not a big fan of me. Not that I hate myself or want to harm myself. Quite the opposite. I have disliked my choices over the last few years, primarily through the COVID pandemic. I have made some choices that I look back and see the laziness and procrastination of who I have been. I am getting rid of that person here on January 2, 2023.

The thing about my life right now is that I feel I am stuck in a rut. Ruts may not be bad for short periods, but they suck if you have been in them for years. I have. I have been afraid of getting out of this deep rut because I cannot see outside of it, so the challenge to change has honestly been paralyzing. I need to adjust a few things and start turning what I feel is a large ship. I have four areas I want to lay out goals for making myself a better person and community member.

First, I want to write more. I have been asked to write several books over the last couple of months. The thought of writing a book seems overwhelming, and I have spent the holidays wondering if that effort would be more valuable than just starting the blog again and writing 3-4 posts weekly. The blog seems to be a good start and will allow me to write about the many ideas I have in my head. So I have given myself a few rules for the blog.

The next area I am to build better habits is to start a new podcast. I will not give too many details about the new venture at this time, but it will be a fun experience for whoever listens, the guest and myself. A future blog post will be coming soon.

I also want to lay out my three new tech skills to learn for 2023. I have been doing this for the last ten years with poor to decent success. My push is to pick three new things to be better at and be a better technologist. This year the areas of improvement will be:

The last area of improvement is to improve my mental and physical state. I am not in a poor state for either, but I feel I am not where I should be in terms of exercising and eating better. I also need to improve what is between my ears, and I am looking at meditation.

By documenting my wants for 2023, I hope I am setting some reasonable goals to reach, and in 12 months, I can look back and feel that I got better for my family, my career, our community and fundamentally myself.

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